A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

1. My New Favorite Packer, Nick Barnett: “I think he’s a great quarterback, a great guy, a great leader,” Barnett said. “Would I like to hit him? Hell, yeah, I’d like to hit him. All these damn practices out here and they didn’t let us hit him.”, and this gem, “I want to get a nice little shot on you, Brett. I said it. Put it on the bulletin board.”  Here’s the video .

2. I’m Done After This: If you voluntarily root for the Vikings, you are not a Packers fan. This statement has nothing to do with whom is under center for the Vikings.  Say what you want, no one will ever change my mind on that.

3. Bill Hall Still Confident, Still Delusional: In an interview for the Mariners website , Bill Hall said, “I can do a lot of things, like hit for average and for some power…”. Hmmm, .201 BA with 6 HR’s. 

4. Mariners GM Also Delusional: Seattle’s GM Jack Zduriencik had this to say about Hall , “He brings you versatility, he brings you power.”  Huh?  OK, I can see the defensive versatility but power?  Talk about milking a career year for the rest of your life.

5. Here’s My Towel, Toss It In: Officially declaring the Brewer’s season over.  Will still listen (mostly for Uecker commentary) or watch (if nothing else is on) but I’m done with holding out any glimmer of hope that the this season can be turned around.

6. Seeing As This Season is Done: Here’s what next year’s Brewer’s line-up should look like – 1B Fielder, 2B Lopez, SS Escobar, 3B McGhee, LF Braun, CF Weeks, RF Hart/Gamel(?), C Rivera/Salome .

7. This Just Seems Odd: So officials are calling for a “gender-test” for South African Sprinter Caster Semenya . Seems to me this would be a pretty easy thing to evaluate, right? I mean, and trying to keep this PG-13, if the junk ain’t there wouldn’t that answer the question?

8. Suggestion Box: I was asked by a client based in The Netherlands about ideas for a sports, specifically Soccer/World Cup, related give away type thing ideas.  I threw out Terrible Towel variations, Thudersticks and Bobbleheads.  Any other suggestions I can pass along?  Leave yours in the comments.

9. Badger’s Bold Prediction: Will finish 2nd in the Big Ten behind Ohio State and play in a New Year’s Day Bowl Game.  This prediction is potentially misinformed and homerish as it is bold.

10. Blog to Bookmark: Jersey Al’s Green Bay Packers Blog


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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    5.) At least we can take some solace in the parallel struggles of the Cubs. It cost them a whole lot more to suck with greater expectations.

    6.) It won’t matter what the everyday lineup looks like if they don’t find pitching somewhere along the way.

    8.) How ’bout donuts to reflect the scoring.

    9.) That would mean that the Big(11)Ten is even weaker than usual.

  • Gary

    1.) Yes…not only does he want to put a lick on Brett, but he also tweets hard hitting questions like…“Ok next question… Is it fair for a hermaphrodite to participate in female sports??” (see #7).

    Infinitely more interesting than Ryan Grant’s tweets

  • Jon

    The lead story in the Saturday Journal-Sentinel was Favre and his two series debut with the Vikings. Page 2 included an article about Channel 6 picking up at least six Vikings games this year. The preview of the Packer game for Saturday evening appeared on Page 3.

    Favre to the Vikes is a whole lot bigger story in Wisconsin than it is in Minnesota. Just a thought…Packer fans should quit paying attention to what is happening in Minnesota (at least until October) and renew their interest in the development of the Packers. How is the O-line looking? How does Raji look tonight? Focus people…focus.