So yeah, the media crap storm about the Packers potentially signing Michael Vick based on the usual coy Ted Thompson remarks still has legs.  Yesterday in this article by Jason Wilde , Wilde says the “team has discussed signing Vick”.  Wilde also goes on to say that Packer’s President Mark Murphy “tried to downplay the significance of Thompson’s comments.”

This is the one singular thing I hate about Ted Thompson, and I have been on record as being a supporter of him, is that at what point does being coy or playing the cards close to the vest just become potentially damaging to the team?  Thompson’s arrogance has been much discussed and really I don’t have an issue with that.  To be successful you have to have at least a little arrogance and self-assuredness.  It’s this stance of never having a stance that I find the most frustrating.

In this instance though I think Thompson’s non-committal response to the Vick question is causing real issues. Not necessary on the (practice) field but in the public eye.  So much that at least to me it appears as though Murphy had to go into damage control mode to temper his GM’s remarks.  At what point does Mark Murphy tell Thompson to quit jerking around.  I imagine the conversation would be something like this:

Murphy: Ted, listen, I try not meddle in the football operations but this Vick thing?  Why couldn’t you have said we weren’t interested – even if we are – because my phone has been ringing off the hook with angry dog owners, the Brown County Human Association and Alicia Silverstone saying to fire you…again, just like last year.

Thompson: Uh, what is the answer that I give to questions like this?

Murphy: You can be a real dick, you know that, right?

Thompson:  I wouldn’t care to speculate in terms of the odds or the percentages or anything like that.


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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    I’d be happy to take the calls from Alicia Silverstone if it helps.

  • Jon

    Ted has accomplished the impossible…hardly a whisper about Favre over the last couple of days.

    Nothing wrong with investigating Vick as an option…doing his due diligence is part of his job. He has done a lousy job of communicating and framing the Packers interest to the public.