A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

1. Parra Doesn’t Disappoint: Truthfully I was ready to write something with that same lead-in that Parra didn’t disappoint me as I expected him to blow up and give up 7 runs by the 2nd inning.  Instead he threw well, a strong 6 innings in his return on Thursday.

2. The Bullpen Does Disappoint:  Can’t single out a single reliever from Thursday that wasn’t horrible. 

3. Some Halladay/Holiday Euphemism:  While the Journal-Sentinel did say that Melvin would be calling Toronto , I’m not getting too excited about it.  Toronto would want a King’s ransom in prospects and active players and it’s just not worth it.  That being said, whether Parra is back or not, they still need a starting pitcher.

4. NOOOOOOOO! : Erin Andrews was hit in the chin on Wednesday night while covering Mets/Dodgers game.  Actually, surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. I’m more of a Charrisa Thompson man myself anyway.

5. This Is How I Feel About This Now: Favre blah blah blah Vikings Trainer blah blah blah oh look, a cloud shaped like a pony

6. Blogger Ages: So I travel through the Interwebs on a pretty consistent basis reading other sports blogs and such and I’ve been seeing something curious – we’re really old.  I mean, from what I have seen the average age of primary writers of the blogs I read is between 24 – 32.  We aint’ that.

7. The Whole LeBron Getting Dunked On Thing: Did Nike & King James really think this wouldn’t get out when they confiscated the film?  Now they both look bad as the whole thing has blown up in their faces.

8. ‘You Can Dance If You Want To…’: The UFL will allow “tasteful” individual &/or group celebrations in the end-zones or bench areas.  So as long a you don’t put up a stripper pole, feel free to Bust a Move when you score.

9. Why Did I Start This List Thing in the Summer: The only thing really going on is Baseball, at least training camps start soon. If you think I am reaching this week, just wait till next during the All-Star break.

10. Blog to Bookmark: BrewCrewBall.com – Some of the finest Brewer based writing around.  I don’t know how Kyle has the time to crank it all out.


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  • BigSnakeMan

    #6: That explains a lot. With age hopefully comes wisdom.
    #8: I look forward to the return of “The Fun Bunch”.
    #9: Glad you bailed the week of the U.S. Open; there was a lot going on that week. Made things a little easier for me.