A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

1a. Thanks to Mike…er…Big Snake Man for filling in last week!

1b. Casey at the Bat: This Casey didn’t strike out though.  After making a error which led to two runs for the Mets on Monday, Casey McGhee made up for it on a 2 strike, 2 out Grand Slam.  I hate, I truly hate, to say this but Casey may very well be the 3rd basemen of the future for the Brewers and not Mat Gamel, at least not for awhile.

2. Stay Classy Brandon Jennings: The Milwaukee Bucks pick in the 2009 NBA draft is not going to endear himself to Wisconsin fans if this keeps up.  http://deadspin.com/5303709/brandon-jennings-continues-to-offend-well-everyone  

3. Ryan Braun Owns Santana:  In a game many were writing off as a loss for the Brewers before it even started on Tuesday night, Ryan Braun chooses to prove everyone wrong. Braun went 3-4 with a .750 BA, 4 RBI and a run.  I scored his 4th inning hit as an In the Park Grand Slam.

4. Keep Hardy, Trade Escobar: Watching the game Monday night with my Dad, this conversation started up and I have to say I am warming to it.  Hardy is out of his slump, is a defensive Wizard and is only 27 which in baseball years means he has a reasonable amount of gas left in the tank.  Melvin should be on the horn today to offering up Escobar for a quality starting pitcher, i.e. at least a number 2.  Sweeten the deal and throw in Hart as well and then you have a spot for Gamel next year.

5. Minnesota Politics Never Ceases to Amaze Me:  Although the elections were in November last year, Al Franken was finally declared the winner and is officially a United States Senator.  So if you want to run for office but don’t have a “typical” politician’s background or qualifications of any sort, simply head to the Land of 10000 Lakes.  Wrestler Govenor?  Check.  Comedian Senator?  Check.  Stripper Representative?  Sure someone’s working on it.

6. Pitcher Please:  As a follow up to #4, if it’s not apparent after Thursday night’s game against the Cubs, the Brewers desperately need to be on the phone soon to see who is willing to give up what and for whom in regards to pitching.  Whereas Craig Counsell has filled in admirably where injury has caused a hole in the positional players, there doesn’t appear to be anyone on the bullpen staff that can do likewise for the starting pitching rotation.

7. Aaron Rodgers Doing OK For Himself:  Two Words – Julie Henderson , nuff said. 

8. The Secret Is In the Internet Connection: RIP Billy Mays.  From hawking products on the Atlantic City Boardwalk to being one of the most recognized faces and voices around, you have to admire him and what he accomplished.  Enjoy .

9. Line-Up Change, Blog to Bookmark:  A daily visit of mine and inspiration for Pocket Doppler: The Daily Drink http://community.sportsbubbler.com/blogs/the_daily_drink/default.aspx

10. Happy July 4th! Wishing everyone a very happy and safe July 4th.  Hope you enjoy it surrounded by family and friends.


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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Finally coming around on Escobar, I see.

  • Jon

    I don’t think McGehee is the long term answer…I think they have got about as much out of him as they are going to get this year. He is and should remain a utility guy. Gamel is a nightmare in the field but needs to play the majority of the time.

    • BigSnakeMan

      Still believe Gamel’s future, if indeed he has one in MKE, is at first base. But your correct, he should be playing the majority of the time….at Nashville. McGehee is clearly the better option right now and to have Gamel sitting on the bench is foolish.

  • Jon

    Aaron Rodgers is flat out overrated regardless of who he is dating. Second half stats not good…compared quite closely to Minny duo of Frerotte and Jackson and no one is picking either of them for fantasy stardom. I saw a recent NFL.com ranking that had him as the #5 ranked QB…no way. Maybe 10th…no way 5th. I have both Mannings, Brady, Brees, Roethlisberger, Rivers, Romo, Ryan, and Cutler ahead of him on my early draft board.

    • BigSnakeMan

      Good. That leaves AR for me.

  • http://pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMans Bro

    Jon, can you send me a copy of your draft board. If so, I won’t have to buy a magazine before the draft.

    • Jon

      I have to transfer the list from the paper towel I wrote on onto the computer…once I get that done I would be happy to share my draft board that will lead me to a scintillating 8th place finish.