Clearly the blueprint has been established for defeating the Milwaukee Brewers.  Simply call up a pitcher from the minors and have him make his major league debut against Milwaukee.  The Brewers are 0-4 against such pitchers this season.  And it doesn’t matter if the pitcher is a highly touted prospect like the Atlanta Braves Tommy Hanson, or a short term fill-in like Minnesota’s Anthony Swarczak.  If the Brewers haven’t faced him before, they don’t have a clue.

The latest ‘Cy Young candidate’ to beat the Brewers was Ryan Sadowski of the San Francisco Giants on Sunday.  Sadowski came to the team with a 4.11 Earned Run Average at Triple-A Fresno.  In fact, he had yet to throw a shutout in 6 minor league seasons, yet he was able to put up 6 scoreless innings against the Crew.

For some reason, the Brewers find a way to fail where other teams manage to succeed.  It’s getting to the point where the scouting report of upcoming opponents will include a list of minor league pitchers to call up just to play against them.


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  • BigSnakeMans Bro

    And I was happy when they didn’t have to face Johnson or Lincecum.