Rivals.com has the Wisconsin Badgers listed as the 49th best college football team in the country in their pre-season rankings.  Wow!  That should get the Badger faithful all fired up.  No doubt this is a product of head coach Bret Bielema’s stellar recruiting efforts; the most recent of which snagged a prize “prospect” away from the likes of North- and South- Dakota State, Southern- and Eastern- Illinois, not to mention that historic football ‘power’ Northern Iowa.  One assumes that it’s only a matter of time before Bielema installs the “veer offense”.

Actually, “Rivals” was pretty charitable in some of their comments regarding the Badgers.  In grading the segments of the team, they gave the defense a “B”,  special teams an “A-”, and the coaching staff a “B-” while noting the question marks (primarily at QB) on offense with a “C” grade.  Personally, I didn’t see much last year to merit even those marks.  I can only guess they’re grading on a curve.


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