A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

(Editor’s Note:  I’ll be filling in for Wally this week as he’s in the Twin Cities locking down the final details on Brett Favre’s contract with the Vikings.  And Wally, don’t expect this to be a regular occurence.  What follows is in no particular order of importance.)

1.)  Don Fehr Announces Retirement as head of the MLB Players Assn.:  His resignation doesn’t take effect for a few months but he revealed it now to give the owners plenty of time to plan their celebration parties.  It was funny listening to media types justify Fehr’s role in presiding over 3 work stoppages as a man who was doing his job.  Isn’t that what the Nazis said at Nuremburg?

2.)  The Bucks Trade RJ for AARP:  In a blatantly transparent effort to gain salary cap space, Milwaukee Bucks GM John Hammond traded away starting forward Richard Jefferson to the San Antonio Spurs for one over the hill has-been and two never-was’s, one of which he flipped over to the Detroit Pistons for 22 yr. old underachiever Amir Johnson.  The trade was surprisingly well-received in Milwaukee but my guess is attendance at the Bradley Center next season will rival the “crowd” at Florida Marlins home games.  Good luck in San Antonio, RJ.

3.)  Another No-Name Wins U.S. Open:  Third round co-leader Ricky Bobby, er, Barnes bogeyed himself out of contention in Monday’s final round of the rain plagued tournament at NY’s Bethpage Black while sentimental favorites Phil Mickelson and David Duval played themselves back into relevance.  But in the end, Lucas Glover did just enough to hang on for the Open title.

4.)  Packers Sign Jennings to Extension:  In a move that was long overdue, the Green Bay Packers inked wide receiver Greg Jennings to a 3 year contract extension.  The deal reportedly makes Jennings the 2nd highest paid receiver in the NFL, behind only Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald.  Who said GM Ted Thompson was stingy with the Pack’s money?

5.)  Brewers Continue to Suck Against Twins:  Doesn’t matter where they play, when they play, or what the records are.  Whenever the Brewers match up with their interleague neighbors to the west, Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire digs out his Bernie Brewer voodoo doll and gets happy.  Actually, if you ask Milwaukee manager Ken Macha, the Brewers have pretty much sucked against everyone lately.  At least this time the Twins were charitable enough to let the Crew win one game.

6.)  Packers Conclude Minicamp:  The Green Bay Packers this week wrapped up their last official offseason activity before training camp begins on August 1st.  Players practicing in the stifling heat had to be wondering what happened to the ‘frozen tundra’.  Biggest revelation was the penciling in of Allen Barbre as the starter at right tackle (oooooh, scary kids).  We’ll see what happens when the pads go on.

7.)  Bush Goes on DL:  In the latest sign of the Milwaukee Brewers pitching meltdown, right hander Dave Bush was forced to go on the disabled list with what was first described as arm fatigue but was later revealed to be a micro tear in his right triceps.  GM Doug Melvin said that the Brewers aren’t yet desperate enough to recall demoted pitcher Manny Parra just to replace Bush.  The Brewers will rely on recently recalled Mike Burns and Seth McClung to fill out the rotation in the interim.  Hang on, this could get ugly.

8.)  LSU Wins CWS:  Lousiana State beat the Texas Longhorns 11-4 to claim their 6th national title in the College Baseball World Series.  Nothing like the “ping” of a well struck ball.

9.)  Shaq Heading to Cleveland:  The Phoenix Suns dumped Shaq’s salary on the Cavaliers in a move that may have more impact on LeBron James’ psyche than it will on Cleveland’s title hopes.  Still, probably Shaq’s last chance at a championship.  LeBron had better hope so or he stands in danger of becoming the Dan Marino of the NBA.

10.)  “With the 10th pick, the Milwaukee Bucks select…….”:  Brandon Jennings, a 6’1″ point guard from Compton, CA who played professionally in Italy last year rather than doing a ‘one and done’ as a college freshman.  Hey, Italy seemed to be a good influence on Kobe Bryant.  Maybe lighting can strike twice.

Honorable mention to the USA Soccer team which reached the finals of something called the Confederations Cup in South Africa.  Not sure what that is but any time the Americans beat the Euros in ‘football’ it’s noteworthy.  (Probably the first, last, and only reference to soccer you’ll ever see in this blog.)


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  • http://pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMans Bro

    USA soccer ,beating #1 Spain should have been the biggest story of the week.

    • Chris

      Seriously? Soccer is less relevant than the NHL in this country, and for good reason: To American eyes there is little compelling about this brand of “football.” So I wouldn’t have minded if it were entirely left out of the Review.

    • M

      Well, when you compose “The Week….” you can lead w/ soccer for all I care.

  • Chris

    “It was funny listening to media types justify Fehr’s role in presiding over 3 work stoppages as a man who was doing his job. Isn’t that what the Nazis said at Nuremburg?”

    This blast was totally irresponsible…and completely perfect! Glad you had the guts (and good sense) to say what needed to be said with Herr Fehr.

  • http://PackerChatters.com Larry

    Quote of the day:

    “GM Doug Melvin said that the Brewers aren’t yet desperate enough to recall demoted pitcher Manny Parra just to replace Bush.”


    • M

      Before I get in any trouble, that’s not specifically what Melvin said on the radio pregame show last week but that’s essentially what it sounded like.