My two favorite golf tournaments to watch are the British and U.S. Opens and for very different reasons. 

The British is mostly for the time difference that allows me to get up and watch golf first thing in the morning which leaves the rest of the day for something hopefully more productive.  The courses and weather conditions overseas are also often intriguing. 

Even more so than the British, though, my favorite is the U.S. Open.  Many fans and the golfers themselves complain about how the USGA tricks up their Open courses to the point where they’re ridiculously difficult.  This is what I find most appealing about the U.S. Open.  These guys are so good they routinely hit wedge shots as approaches on par 4s.  The U.S. Open is about the only tournament that forces them to play many holes as I would (though much better); penalizing errant drives and requiring fairway woods and long irons as second shots.  The challenges presented by Open courses make for compelling viewing, in my estimation.

Besides, where else could Roy McAvoy become a folk hero for taking a 12 on the 72nd hole?


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  • Chris

    1. Can there be anything “more productive” than watching golf on TV? I seriously doubt it.

    2. I agree fully about the way the US Open course are set up: These guys should struggle at least once or twice a year so that they know what it is like to be a typical golfer who gets nervous facing down a 400 yard par four.