A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.
#1 Sweep of the Indians: Nice to see the Crew come back from a dismal performance of late to visit Cleveland and win the entire thing. Just a few runs scored in those 3 games. 

#2 Parra Where He Belongs: Parra should have been in AAA at least 3 weeks ago.  Now I can get back to focusing all my angst on Bill Hall.  Speaking of…

#3 I Still Think You Suck: Bill Hall hit the go ahead HR on Wednesday night against the Indians but then took the time to watch his handiwork. One game, much less a series doesn’t make up for the woeful inadequacies we’ve seen so far.

#4 2009 Baseball Weekend a Success: Last weekend we went to a Pee-Wee game on Thur, Brewer Game on Friday and a Timber Rattlers game on Saturday.  Great weekend all around and maybe the start of a tradition.  Mike wanted to go for the quadfecta (?) and catch the Bullfrogs on Sunday but the rest of us were a little tired out.

#5 He Who Shall Remain Unnamed on Joe Buck Live: You sir, are not Lombardi and the Redskins aren’t in the division.  Asinine comment.

#6 Must Own T-Shirt : As a follow up to #5

#7 20 Year Anniversary of Major League: Our Patron Saint, Bob Uecker aka Harry Doyle, threw out the first pitch on Monday night in Cleveland for the 20th Anniversary of the movie Major League.  Two comments: 1 – Wow, can’t believe it’s been 20 years; 2 – Please don’t make a fourth, 3 was bad enough and didn’t anyone learned anything from Indy 4?

#8 Happy Father’s Day! To all my fellow authors, and I use that term about as loosely as I can, who are Fathers, their Dads, my Dad and everyone else who reads our musings that is a Dad, have a great and wonderful Father’s Day.  Mine will be spend sitting on the deck, listening to the Brewer game and watching  my boys play in the backyard, which seem just about perfect.

#9 Bay Port Baseball Team: Congrats on the State Title.  Two weeks in a row in this spot about High School sports, prolly can’t keep that up but we’ll see.

#10 Blog to Bookmark: The Bucky Channel .  Credit for the T-shirt so will give full credit as a good read!


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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    #9 might be tough now that school is out. And you forgot my new ‘gloss’.

  • Chris

    I like the list a regular part of the blog. It puts a nice cap on the week.