Milwaukee Brewers manager Ken Macha was noncommittal when asked about who would replace departed right-hander Manny Parra in the starting rotation.  Macha noted that, because of off days, the Brewers wouldn’t be in need of a fifth starting pitcher until the end of the month.  While Chris Narveson was called up from Nashville to replace Parra, Macha left the impression that he intends to use him out of the bullpen.  So while it’s a prospect that many Brewer fans will find distasteful, it’s conceivable that, if Parra can “find” himself pitching in the minors, he could return to the rotation by the time the team is again in need of a pitcher for that role.


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  • Chris

    That would be the best possible outcome. It would be great if Parra could get it together that quick (just as Dave Bush seemed to when he was sent down briefly last year). However, it seems that Manny is further gone that Bush was, so I would be surprised if he were ready to reclaim his spot in two weeks.

    • http://mike Mike

      Personally, I thought Burns should have been given more of an opportunity. He was already stretched out as a starter and at the very least could have been another long man to go along with McClung.