A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

#1 Getting out of Florida: Wow, was that brutal for the Brewers.  I had hopes going into Land Shark Stadium the ‘Crew would take 3 out of the 4 game set.  Last night I was hoping for a split and that didn’t happen either.

#2 East Coast Brewer Games: What’s not to like about a 6:00 PM start?  Can watch the whole game and still get to bed early.  Granted I go to bed a little earlier than most, but then I also get up earlier so it balances out.

#3 Tommy Hanson Gets Called Up:  I’ve been waiting 2 months for this to happen.  Not because I’m an Atlanta fan, he’s on my fantasy baseball roster.

#4 Steve Stricker Winning the Colonial: PocketDoppler.com fun fact, Steve Stricker was a Groomsman in attendance at Jon’s wedding.

#5 Tom Glavine Released:  Go get him Brewers.  Also laughing at all the people out there saying the Braves treated him unfairly by releasing him and owe him the chance to play because of his long service to the team.  Hmmmm, I’ve heard that before…just can’t place my finger on where.

#6 OTAs: The first glimmer of football since the NFL draft.  Aaron Kampann is not a happy dude in regards to this new 3-4 scheme it seems.

#7 Bill Hall On Notice : Why did it take this long?

#8 Mom’s Retirement: Now she can bug Dad 365 days of the year and not just over the summer.

#9 REMETEE : Uff-da, don’t know what to say.

#10 Blog to Bookmark: Thoughts From a Fat White Guy . Former UConn DE now playing Professional Football…in Austria.


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  • Jon

    One correction…Chip Stricker was not a groomsmen. He was on the invite list and has spent time at the Polk County northern retreat.

    • Jon

      He also is a heckuva 3rd basemen and a deadeye 3-point shooter.

      • Wally

        yeah, I wasn’t 100% sure on that one but I knew he was there

  • Chris

    Totally agree about the 6pm starts. I wish they all started then.

  • http://mike Mike

    One point of note: Glavine never ‘retired’.

  • http://pocketdoppler.com Gary

    I also was at Jon & Annes wedding. How come I didn’t get a shout out?

    • http://mike Mike

      Let us know when you win your 5th PGA title.