With the (overdue) release of Jorge Julio and the sore elbow of Mike DeFelice leaving manager Ken Macha with a short bullpen, the Milwaukee Brewers needed a long, if not solid, outing from Tuesday night starting pitcher Manny Parra.

They got neither.

It started out promising with Parra striking out the Florida side in the first inning.  Unfortunately, the only consistent thing about Parra is his inconsistency.  He proceeded to use 100 pitches in giving up 10 earned runs, lasting only four innings in the process.  At this point, Parra is beginning to look like the latest incarnation of former Brewer left-hander Dana Eveland; someone who exhibited flashes of potential only to ultimately disappoint in the end. 

This is a good news/bad news scenario from different points of view.  The good news for Parra is that he’s bound to remain in the  rotation.  That’s because the bad news for the Brewers is that they currently have no viable replacement for him.  If they wanted, I suppose the Brewers could move him to the bullpen and insert Seth McClung or new call-up Mike Burns (who took a steady turn Tues. night) into the rotation.  But that would likely only be trading one problem for another.  Unlike Carlos Villanueva last year, Parra didn’t fare very well pitching in relief either.  One presumes the release of Julio was designed to stabilize the bullpen.  Moving Parra into that role and McClung out would only undermine that plan.  So, for the time being at least, the Brewers are probably doomed to let Parra work out his problems while remaining in the rotation and hope for the best.


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  • Chris

    …but Parra likely looks a lot better in jeans than Eveland.

    At this point, Parra’s greatest value might be as trade bait, part of a package that includes Escobar and another player that could land a starting pitcher.

    I think Parra, if his surgically repaired left shoulder holds up, could be a good MLB pitcher–some day. But I don’t believe the Brewers are in a position any more where they can wait for guys to develop. Those days are past. The clock is ticking on their offensive core players, so the team has to look for ways to win in the short term.

  • http://pocketdoppler.com Gary

    At this point the best thing for Parra and the Brewers, is for Parra to be sent down. Tim Dillard couldn’t be a worse option at this point. Secondly, I hope the jeans reference is an inside joke.

    • Chris

      In MONEYBALL several references were made about scouts falling in love with players because of their physical skills and appearance. This was termed “looking good in jeans,” and Billy Beane didn’t think that was a good reason to select one player over another.

      Dana Eveland, when he played for MKE, was overweight and, hence, “wouldn’t look good in jeans.” But Manny Parra, who is trim and handsome, most likely does. However, that doesn’t make him a better pitcher. Mike’s reference to the similarities between Parra and Eveland brought this comment to mind.

      As with any joke, it loses something when you have to explain it.