In Monday night’s game at Land Shark Stadium in Florida, the Brewers made two egregious baserunning errors in the same inning. It was a classic “WTF” moment, turning a two on, nobody out situation into a two out one on situation. In the process, the gaffes turned a promising inning into a blank frame for Milwaukee, runs they could have used in the 7-4 loss to the Marlins.

The first mistake was when 260 pound Price Fielder got it in his head that it would be a nice idea to steal third with nobody out. It ended predictably, when Prince was an easy out at third. Then Mike Cameron, who moved to second when Prince tried to swipe third, attempted to advance to third on a ball hit to the shortstop. He was easily trapped in a rundown.

When Ned Yost was managing the Brewers those things were put on him and his staff as examples of how poorly they taught/prepared their teams. But my perspective then, as now, is that players are largely formed in such fundamentals before they get to the big leagues. For instance, every high school player knows you don’t run from second on a ball hit in front of you. But human beings make mistakes — they forget the game situation or how many runners are on base, and they do this regardless of who is manager. Likewise, they sometimes think they see an opportunity when one really isn’t there–this is poor judgment, but not necessarily evidence of poor coaching.

In the end, the game is played on the field, not by managers or coaches. So I won’t be laying this off on Ken Macha or his coaching staff.


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