This is not a post about the Minnesota Twins continued mastery of the Milwaukee Brewers, though that would most certainly apply.

No, this is about something far more important and personal.

Since my nephew Wally made it a point to brag in this space about finally beating me at golf last year after almost 20 years of trying, I thought it’s only fair to report that I reestablished my superiority over him Saturday at Twin Oaks golf course in Denmark.  Despite my disadvantages in age and equipment, not to mention the fact that I hadn’t even touched a golf club since September prior to yesterday, I managed to come out on top in our first matchup of the year.  We won’t go into the actual scores (though I was not displeased for the first time out), but suffice to say that I bested him by 8 strokes a side.

Looking forward to the rest of the “season”.


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  • Chris

    Eight a side? Was Wally using his kids’ plastic clubs?

  • Wally

    Hey now, I think it’s closer to 10 years…I mean, I didn’t even move to Green Bay will 95 and didn’t start golfing in earnest until a couple years after. At least I can say I out drove you almost every hole…who needs a short game.

    • http://mike Mike

      I’m sure we’ve played previously at “Prentice National”. And there is something to the expression “drive for show and putt for dough”.

  • Larry

    “At least I can say I out drove you almost every hole”

    I use to hit a pretty good long ball too Wally….trouble was I was usually wayyyy right.

    • http://mike Mike

      Then you have something in common.