As a public service to both regular readers of this space, I’d like to reassure them that we haven’t given up. It’s just that this seems to be a quiet period in Wisconsin sports.

Oh sure, I could repeat the latest speculation on the most recent notion of a second-hand rumor regarding a certain future Hall of Fame quarterback who might possibly be ending a “retirement” to return to play for an arch-rival, but what would be the point?  We all already know that Brett Favre will be coming back from Mississippi to play for the Vikings (sorry, Jon) and that it won’t happen until July at the earliest.  For someone who is retired, Favre certainly seems to be doing a lot of throwing and consulting of doctors.  Of course, I find it funny that so many Vikings fans appear to be pinning their championship hopes on a 40 year old quarterback with a sore throwing shoulder but that’s for them to deal with.

On a more positive note, the Milwaukee Brewers have been playing very well of late accumulating the best record in major league baseball since late April.  Which means that there is very little for Brewers fans to complain and/or write about, though that doesn’t stop some from trying.  With the call-up of erstwhile 3B Mat Gamel from Nashville, I actually heard some renewed interest in shortstop prospect Alcides Escobar this week.  Why fans are so anxious to get this kid to Milwaukee is beyond me.  I know he’s supposed to be the second coming of Ozzie Smith but a check of his minor league stats indicates to me that he still commits too many errors.  With JJ Hardy playing a solid shortstop, there is no need for the Brewers to make the “Ricky Weeks mistake” and rush this kid to the big leagues.  Let him continue to develop his craft ‘under the radar’ so he is ready when the call-up finally comes.

I did note a little blurb in the news this week that season tickets for the University of Wisconsin football team were renewed at a 90% rate.  The athletic department tried to spin this as a positive in light of the economy and perhaps that’s justified.  But after being at 95% for the last few seasons, I would hope that raises a red flag for athletic director Barry Alvarez that head coach Bret Bielema’s Badgers need to show some significant progress during the upcoming season.  The early prognostication I read picking the Badgers for an 8th place finish in the Big(11) Ten certainly won’t help on that front.

I guess that about covers it for now.  But one of the great things about sports is that we usually don’t have long to wait for someone to do or say something foolish to inspire our disapproval.  With Brett Favre still around, that’s practically a lock.


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