Nick Collins says it is all a misunderstanding. He didn’t stay away from Packers off-season workouts because he was pissed about his contract situation. Of course not, silly: He was just having some “family issues.” Sure.

To me this sounds like the guy who suddenly leaves his job “to spend more time with my family” and/or “pursue other opportunities.” I usually don’t buy that line, either.

I am particularly skeptical about Collins because just a few days ago Packers Coach Mike McCarthy said that there was a “business” element related to Collins’ lack of face-time in GB this off-season. Hmmm . Sounds like they are working from different playbooks on this one.

But I suppose the main thing is that Collins is participating with the team at the moment, doing community activities and showing up for workouts. That’s a good thing, certainly better than Nick Collins referring to Nick Collins in the third person. Please, Nick Collins, do us a favor and drop that from your repertoire . Heck,  I would be satisfied if he missed all the OTAs because he was working with a communications coach to eradicate that from his verbal portfolio. But with a conversion to a 3-4 defensive scheme pending, that would be the only way I would accept Collins missing more off-season time with the team.


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  • http://mike Mike

    I thought he left to spend more time with Stan Van Gundy’s family.

  • Gary

    Nice reference.