I promised myself I wouldn’t do this again; that I would never issue another post using the “F word”.  Unfortunately, “news” accounts of the past 48 hours have compelled me to break that vow.

For those who may have been out of the country, multiple sources have been reporting that former Green Bay Packers/New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre is meeting with Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress about yet another possible return to the NFL.  Even if the speculation turns out to be “just rumors”, does it really matter at this point?

The Favre apologists will continue to believe that he can do no wrong and will forever blame the Packers organization, just as Favre himself obviously does, for ‘pushing him out the door’.

For the rest of us who live in the real world, Favre’s actions have long demonstrated that he cares little about any legacy that remains from his time as a member of the Packers.  Whatever resentment he harbors towards current Packers management, Favre can’t be naive to the effect that joining the Vikings would have on the many Packer fans that cheered him on for 16 years.  In doing so, Favre would not only be ‘sticking it to general manager Ted Thompson’, but exhibiting his disregard for those very same fans.

It’s been argued that it’s Favre’s legacy to do with as he pleases; if he chooses to tarnish it in the eyes of many Packers fans that is his priviledge.  But that ignores a basic tenet of fandom.  Once an athlete puts on the uniform, he invites attention from fans.  Without that sort of interest, professional sports would cease to exist on the level they currently occupy.  Favre’s career in Green Bay would dictate that he be remembered as fondly as Packer greats such as Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, and Jerry Kramer among others.  In choosing to turn his back on that sort of affection, Favre placed his ego above all else and absolved Packer fans of the responsibility of holding him in the same esteem. 

So, come on back Brett.  We’re tired of the circus.  If the Vikings want to be the enablers for your need to spite the Packers organization, let them waste another year with a stopgap at quarterback.  Get it out of your system and go away.  Let the Vikings fans who have deluded themselves into thinking you’ll lead them to a Super Bowl become just as disappointed with you as their Packer rivals.

Here’s looking forward to your return to Lambeau Field.  Just don’t expect the reception to be warm.


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  • Jeff S

    Honestly, does anybody who watched Brett play the last half of last year worry about facing him??! He SUCKED!! His teammates were beyond pi$$ed at his ineffectiveness. And if it costs the Vikings $8 mil to get this traiterous douchebag to play for them, then all the better.

    • Wally

      Ditto. If I am at that game in November against the Vikings and should certain #4 run out of the tunnel wearing a purple helmet I will absolutely no problem booing my butt off. Time may heal all but it would be some time, a very long time, until I would look at Favre in any sort of positive light.

      • http://mike Mike

        Out of respect for his contributions as a Packer I won’t boo him. In fact, in his own twisted way, I believe he would take that as an affirmation. If you ask me, the appropriate response would be dead silence. A moment of silence would be most fitting.

        • Chris

          Well put, Mike. That’s the mature response…and the appropriate one. Like a funeral, this is a sad situation, and one doesn’t boo at a funeral.

        • Wally

          So you’re going the Gandhi-esque route of Passive Resistance? Where is Favre’s respect for the fans, you know the ones where he said “When I laughed and when my family laughed, they laughed. When I cried, they cried. When I cheered, they cheered”. Sorry, and whether you want to call it immature or not, it’s no less immature than Favre’s own actions as admittedly he is doing this to “get back” at Thompson and the Packers – which by extension means the fans too.

        • http://PocketDoppler Carol

          I like your idea Mike. I would like to see the entire stadium dead quiet, no one standing up, no one cheering (ok, except for the fans in purple)….let him run out to *no* reception whatsoever. (Not that I expect that to happen…I figure the “boos” will win out….)

  • Chris

    “Pushed him out the door” — I’ve heard this repeatedly today. What a hot, steamy load of crap! The man retired — he pushed himself out of the door. If he is pissed he should be pissed at himself for stepping out of the queue. Had he decided to come back for the 2008 season, he would have been the starter. When tearfully said good-bye, he removed himself from that entitled spot.

    I think his legacy is his own business; if he wants to flush it down the toilet, that is his choice because, at the end of the day, it is his choice. But what a sad decision it is. He can’t possibly expect that his flirtation with MN is going to go down well with those that cheered him for all those years in GB. By moving in this direction, he is basically giving the finger to Packers fans. Thanks Brett.

  • Wally

    Well, hopefully all this discussion was for naught and we can finally put this talk to bed. Of course, lot of months coming up to “get the itch”…

  • http://pocketdoppler.com Gary

    To misquote Denny Green,” Favre is not who we thought he was”.

  • http://mike Mike

    But he certainly knows how to push our buttons.

  • Jon

    Really, boys and girls, much ado about nothing.