Dave and I recorded the latest installment of the Packers Therapy podcast yesterday afternoon. Our Benevolent Overlords at PackerChatters.com tell me it should be posted to the site later today. If you care about such things I hope you will check it out.

I don’t always feel great about a show after it is done, but this is one of those I liked. The reason, of course, is that we had a guest: our good friend Chad Reuter , Draft Expert . Chad has come a long way since he was self-publishing his draft guide a few years ago. He’s now working for nfldraftscout.com , a site which has been picked up by CBS. The only thing about the podcast that makes me a bit nervous is that our technical limitations required us to record three audio sources with just two mics. It sounded OK on playback, but I am not sure how that will translate to the final version.

In any case, I hope Packers fans like the program…and can actually hear it.


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