Actually, they’re not yelling “Sooooup”; they’re booing.

Much of the discussion today following last night’s Milwaukee Brewers loss to the Chicago Cubs predictably focused on starting pitcher Jeff Suppan’s lack of control.  Suppan has been a great deal less than effective going back to last September, after teasing fans with an uncharacteristically solid August.  That aberrational month seems to have the Brewer brass thinking, or more accurately hoping, that Suppan can return to that form; all evidence to the contrary.

Unfortunately, the Brewers options with Suppan remain very limited; largely owing to the relatively hefty size of his contract and the lack of a viable replacement.  Suppan will most likely get at least another start and maybe even two to try to straighten himself out.  But if that hasn’t happened by the time that closer Trevor Hoffman is ready to come off the disabled list, look for Suppan to suddenly ‘develop’ some sort of ailment that will allow the team to buy some time in order to make a decision on his status.


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