I will preface this post by saying in no way, shape or form am I any kind of draft expert that spends copious amounts of times pouring over player stats, bios and what not.  I am however someone that can read and hear, so based on things I have read and heard here is what I believe will be the Rounds 1-3 picks of the Green Bay Packers for the 2009 NFL Draft.

Round 1, Pick #9:  Throughout the years we have become accustomed to Ted Thompson either reaching or intentionally pissing off Packer fans with picks that all make us go…huh?  This year though I feel will be a bit different.  I really do believe that there may be the beginnings of some pressure manifesting about how Ted is doing things from those in a position to apply that pressure.  Making a reach here at a “project” would not be in Ted’s best interests, which I strongly believe is how he operates most of the time. 

The Pick: I started with this so will stick with it: B.J. Raji, NT Boston College.  Yeah, yeah…I know, he tested positive for something at the combine but the way it sounds it was more likely than not pot and not a performance enhancer of any type.  By getting Raji we’d fill a need on the D-Line (sorry Ryan Picket) and also get someone who could make an impact right away.
A lot of people have Raji going before the Packer’s pick at #9 so if he’s gone I go with Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB from Penn State.  Not sure if he would be an instant starter but there’s plenty of upside with him

Round 2, Pick #41:  Going with the trendy pick here, Jamon Meredith, OT South Carolina.  No other reason beyond we need to start re-stocking the O-Line.

Round 3, Pick #73: Mick Mickens, CB Cincinnati.  Corners getting older, Harris can’t play zone, Woodson moving to safety, etc, etc, etc

Round 3, Pick #84: Shonn Greene, RB Iowa.  Sorry Ryan Grant, but you benefitted from having Favre under center your year in the sun and aren’t as good as you seemed that one year.  Brandon Jackson is more of a speed, slasher type of running back so here the Packers go for a good, solid power back to fill a need, punching holes at the goal line and picking up short yardage first downs.

So there it is, can’t wait for this to get shredded.  That being said, if I hit on even one of these picks someone owes me a beer.


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  • Jeff S

    I like your first two picks. I also think that Maybin might be a legit player in the NFL. The only one I question is Shonn Greene. He ate the Badgers alive, but I have a tough time seeing him as an effective NFL back. This might be because I believe its absolutely necessary for a starting NFL RB to have homerun potential. I haven’t totally figured out why, but Ryan Grant has made some long TD runs in his career. I don’t think Shonn Greene has ever run longer than 30 yds in one spell . The Pack still seems to be in love with Deshawn Wynn also. I had a bit of a man crush on him after the first quarter of the bear game two years ago, but have since gotten over it.

  • http://mike Mike

    Does this make you Mel, Jr. Jr.? Actually, all those picks sound kind of logical which makes it unlikely for any of them to happen. I’ve pretty much given up trying to figure out why teams (see Broncos, Denver), and in particular the Packers, do what they do. Obviously they have their reasons. And harmony in the locker room perhaps plays a larger part than we suspect; at least as far as salary structure. This much is certain: The Packers will have to exhibit some solid improvement in the upcoming season or TT will have to increasing answer for the results or lack thereof.

  • Jon

    So what you are saying is that testing positive for pot is sort of like testing positive for Bud Light?

    • http://mike Mike

      Maybe he could get some codeine from Johnny Jolly.

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  • http://forums.developerone.com/member.php?u=41739 Ex Girlfiend

    My friend on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came here.