I was watching highlights of the U. of Memphis loss to Missouri in the NCAA tournament (a game which put the final nail in my bracket’s coffin, BTW) when it was mentioned that the last time Memphis had given up 100 points in a game was in the year 2000.  Which got me to wondering about the last time an opponent laid “a triple” on the University of Wisconsin basketball team.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t happen to either of Wisconsin’s last two coaches (or four coaches, if you count Stan Van Gundy and Brad Soderberg; who I conveniently forget).  None of Dick Bennett’s or Bo Ryan’s teams ever surrendered 100 points in a game while they coached at UW.  The most a Bennett team gave up was 82 points in a loss at 10th ranked Purdue in January of 1998, while the ‘high-water mark’ for Ryan came in a 94-75 loss against 2nd ranked Arizona in the NCAA tournament of March 2006.

No, to find the last time a Badger team gave up 100 points in a game, you have to go back to March of 1994 when Stu Jackson’s Badgers lost to 5th ranked Missouri 109-96 in the West Regional of the NCAA tourney.  To be fair, Jackson’s teams at the time weren’t exactly built on defense in the way of the aforementioned Bennett and Ryan.  In fact, the Badgers themselves scored more than 100 points against four opponents that season.

And on the flip side, in case you’re still wondering as I was, while Ryan’s Badgers topped 100 in consecutive exhibition games in 2003, the last time Bucky scored 100 points in a regular season game was when Bennett’s Badgers accomplished the feat in December of ’95, defeating Eastern Illinois 105-70.


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  • Chris

    No surprise here: Dick was always known for his wide open style of play.