Heard a lot of speculation recently regarding the prospective United Football League, which aims to open play this fall in competition with the 800 pound gorilla of professional sports: The National Football League.  Never mind that this concept has been tried multiple times before with varying degrees of failure.  (The XFL comes to mind; though that league did provide us with Rod “He Hate Me” Smart and Matty Vasgersian on play-by-play.)  On the surface, the new league would seem to have some credibility, having enlisted former NFL coaches Dennis Green, Jim(s) Fassel and Haslett, and Ted Cottrell.  Still, history has shown that such endeavors have the odds stacked against them.

Now we hear that the new league might be interested in signing former Atlanta Falcons quarterback and dog fighting afficionado Michael Vick to play for one of the four franchises.  The move makes sense on a number of levels.   A player of Vick’s stature would instantly become the most prominent player in the new league.  And from Vick’s standpoint, it would provide him with the opportunity to play immediately, as opposed to returning to the NFL where he would likely face some sort of suspension prior to any reinstatement.  The inevitable headlines generated by his signing would result in priceless free publicity for the fledgling organization.  On the other hand, I have to question the wisdom of making a convicted felon the face of your league.  Unless Vince McMahon is planning a return to pro football.


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  • Chris

    From Ron Mexico’s standpoint, playing in the UFL would allow him to showcase any skills he may still possess, thus potentially peaking the interest of real (i.e. NFL) teams. If he shows anything at all, some NFL team will probably take a chance on him. And if the NFL isn’t interested, perhaps the Raiders will sign him.