Continuing with today’s free agency theme, we now turn our attention to baseball:   specifically, enigmatic outfielder Manny Ramirez latest rejection of the Los Angeles Dodgers offer of $45 million for two years.  I never cease to be amazed by the apparent capacity of pro athletes to be deluded by sports agents about their own worth.  By all published accounts, the Dodgers are the only team in the running for Ramirez services, yet he and his representative Scott Boras continue to hold out for a better deal.

Based on last year, it would seem that the Dodgers would be the best fit for Manny.  But, given his erratic nature in addition to his age, it’s understandable that the Dodgers or any other major league club would be concerned about giving him big bucks (as if $45 mil/two yrs. isn’t big) and a long term committment.  Boras is notorious in baseball circles for creating phantom suitors for his clients in order to drive up the price.  With a weak economy and a spent free agent market, Los Angeles is logically holding steady on their offer in the absence of any firm competition.  Reportedly, Manny is no fan of spring training so this could be a page out of the old Ruettgers/Hallstrom Packer playbook in order to avoid camp.   Still, it’s becoming increasingly clear that if Manny wants to continue his career in L.A., he and his agent are going to be eating some serious crow.  And that’s a prospect that will no doubt make some MLB team officials very happy.


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