So on the drive home from work today I was listening to WDUZ, the local Green Bay sports radio station.  For the most part the talk was about free agency and what may or may not happen.  There were two calls in particular that somewhat incensed me at what the callers had to say, both focusing on the Packers not getting any free agents.  The twist was, both of these calls really had nothing to do with Ted Thompson, although there were plenty of those.  These callers had focused on why free agents would not want to come to Green Bay to play.

Green Bay is not attractive because there’s no hope of getting a championship.

Um…did anyone, I mean ANYONE pick the Cardinals to get to the Super Bowl last year?  If you did, you’re either a Cardinals fan or a gambler. The NFL is all about parity and the Packers are not as bad as their record last year would dictate. 

Money talks.  Do the Redskins have a good chance of getting to the Super Bowl this coming year?  I would say their chances are just as good as the Packers and yet the most coveted free agent this year just signed there.

Green Bay is not an attractive place to play football, too small, etc, etc

Ask Charles Woodson about this one.  Supposedly he didn’t want to come to Green Bay, which may or may not have been true, but now that he’s been here you only hear Woodson saying great things about the team and city.

Green Bay doesn’t have a marquee player to attract free agents.

And the Redskins do?

And this was my favorite:

Why would a free agent come here after seeing the way the Packers treated Favre.

Seriously people…LET IT GO.  Players understand this IS A BUSINESS.  Just ask their agents.  They aren’t going to base their decision on whether or not to sign with Green Bay over what happened with Favre.

Free agency is the one thing football fans have to look forward to after the Super Bowl and before the draft.  Since Thompson took over it’s also not been a very exciting time for Packer fans.  But if you’re going to rationalize reasons why free agents won’t come to Green Bay, and not blame Ted (and I am not a Thompson detractor), at least think about what you are spouting off about before you spew.


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  • Chris

    One of the best things about my new car is that it not only plays mp3 discs, it has a line-in so I can attach my iPod. That means listening to less of the tripe Wally describes above. Sheesh, people — wake up!