So took some time this evening to comb through logs, stats and other pertinent stats and such for the site and was specifically looking at traffic referrals.  I have to give some kudos here as I believe they were the first ones to publically acknowledge the concept behind the name of  In a post on January 22nd :

Meanwhile, Jim Powell is packing his things and moving on to Atlanta. I’m having a hard time imagining Brewer games on the radio without him. If nothing else, who else will know all of Uecker’s recurring jokes? It’s fitting that a blog called Pocket Doppler also has a post about Powell.

The part I would be talking about would be the “fitting that a blog…” part.  Not sure how many of our readers have checked out the About Us area, but the Pocket Doppler name comes from a long running shtick of our Patron Saint Bob Uecker in which he refers to his cell phone, PDA, whatever as his “Pocket Doppler”.  Sort of an inside joke (maybe not to Brewers fans) but most of these blogs start that way and was the first I’ve seen that “got” it.

In any case, sorry it took so long for me to get around to it and thanks to the team at  Take some time to check them out to get caught up on Milwaukee Brewers news, insight and what not.



  • Mike

    Isn’t it supposed to be If you’re going to prop a site you should probably spell the name correctly.

  • Chris

    Well, if he’s giving a “shout out”, maybe “call” is more appropriate?