There are those out there that will say that football season isn’t technically over until after this Sunday and the Pro Bowl.  To those people I would say…sorry, football season is over, that shamockery doesn’t count.  All is not lost though, there are still things to look forward to until  next season.

March Madness:  Even though Wisconsin may not even make it in, this is still something to look forward to, especially the first weekend.  I mean really, when else can you plop your butt down for what amounts to almost 96 hours and watch compelling competition.  Having a Bracket makes this all the more meaningful where you have a vested interest in every game….unless you’re me and you’re already out of it by the first round.

NFL Free Agency: OK, last couple years this hasn’t been too exciting for Packer Fans but I have a good feeling about this year. OK, it’s more hope versus feeling.

Opening Day of Baseball: Yes, the full baseball season can get long and even the most dedicated fan would find it hard to find or make the time to watch or listen to all 162 games.  The beginning though is, at least to me, almost as exciting as the beginning of football season.  Hope springs eternal after all.

NFL Draft:  Hands down, one of my most favorite weekends of the year and for the past few years most befuddling.  Exhibits A & B: Justin Harrell & Jordy Nelson.  OK…Jordy’s turned out OK but c’mon, we could have had Greg Olson with that Harrel pick…and I could have won $100 in the pool that year. 

Golf: Both watching and playing…for me the playing more so.  Last year I purchased a whole new set-up of clubs, bag, tees, snazzy divot tool, etc and consequently played more golf last summer than I had in a long while.  Of course, that didn’t reflect on my score card but oh well…hey wait…I didn’t buy new golf shoes…that has to be it.  Couldn’t be my swing…’cause after all, my swing is combination of efficiency, power and sunshine. 

Oh yea, Insert Obligatory I Beat Mike in Golf Last Year Jab  

Training Camp: This year’s training camp should be all the more exciting as we watch the new 3-4 scheme get put into place and seeing how Julius Peppers transitions to an OLB.  Did I mention I have high hopes for Free Agency?

College Football: Always a great way to ease back into Football season, seeing your favorite team beat up some I-AA teams for a couple of weeks.

So there we go, after all the above is done it’ll be time for the return of NFL football.  Enjoy!


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  • http://mike Mike

    I’m never going to live that down, am I? Maybe you should have a plaque posted on your wall.

    • Wally

      Good point…actually maybe we should have a travelling AWPGO plaque or something