Cindy, the Pocket Doppler Kangaroo Seeing as other sites seem to adopt an animal to serve as their unofficial mascot and make picks on games, we see no reason why we shouldn’t do the same.  Thus we have, Cindy…see, it’s a kangaroo and they sorta have pockets and our site is called Pocket Doppler…and she’s drinking a beer.

We asked Cindy to make a prediction on the Super Bowl and here what she had to say:

I really like the tenacity of the Pittsburgh defense, that Harrison is a corker.  But if I am being fair dinkum, I feel that the Cardinals may have the offense to pull an upset, I think they are dinky-di. So have a ripper of a Super Bowl Sunday and I say Cardinals 31, Pittsburgh 27.

Thanks Cindy!


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  • http://mike Mike

    To be fair, while it’s clear that she’s in close proximity to a beer, we have no proof that she’s actually drinking it.

    • Wally

      I’ll see if I can get a better picture next time, she was a little shy as it was her first outing.

      • http://mike Mike

        What does “Cindy” have to say about the Brewers prospects this year?

  • Mike

    Your kangaroo isn’t any better at predictions than you are.

  • Jeff S

    Don’t you have a sister named Cindy? I bet that beer would be gone if the picture was of the Cindy that I know.