Doug Pedersen will be joining the Philadelphia Eagles as more likely than not their QB Coach.  I met Doug once where he signed a football for me.  I wanted it to be personalized and asked if he would make it out to “Doug Pedersen’s All-Stars”. I remember he started to write…looked up at me and said “Doug Pedersen’s All-Stars?  Like me Doug Pedersen?” and I was like “yea, my Dad named his Fantasy Football Team after you” to which he chuckled and shook his head.  Pedersen basically had the best job in football, backing up Favre which meant he got to be a Pro Football Player without any of the effort or work and even got a Super Bowl ring out of it.  The precursor and role model to Jim Sorgi I am sure.


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  • http://mike Mike

    Does this mean Gary has to change his team name?

  • Gary

    No way. Doug is just continuing his Hall of Fame career.