Nolan?  Gone to Denver.  Williams?  Off to the Big Easy.  So…what we got.  Around the forums, blogs and less intuitive (cough:MSM) Packers news sites I hear two names now, Jim Haslett and Sean McDermott.  I am hereby jumping on the Sean McDermott bandwagon.  Now, we all know that there is the possibility that McDermott won’t even be able to come in for an interview until at earliest next week but I think it would be worth the wait.  That and you cannot tell me that there haven’t been under the table discussions with his agent to gauge interest either. McDermott is a Jim Johnson protégé/disciple who has been with the Eagles for the last 10 years or so.  Looking at what the Eagles did this year, what I like about Jim Johnson, the Eagle’s DC, is that Johnson creates schemes that maximize the ability of his players. No one can seriously come out and say, with maybe the exception of Dawkins, that the Eagles defense has any world beaters in that group.  But yet Jim Johnson was able to create the right schemes and calls to make them an effective defense.

Now, with Sean McDermott making the leap to DC for the Packers, we would get a product of that Jim Johnson defensive concept.  While we still need some help, hopefully through Free Agency, on the DL I think that a person that has worked in the Jim Johnson system for so long would be able to use what is currently there to create an effective, disruptive defense.  Should Thompson actually act in free agency and bring in…say…a certain Carolina player then I believe with McDermott at the reigns the Packer D should be a very much improved unit.

Sure, sure…Haslett has the experience and blah, blah, blah.  If he was that good the Rams would have kept him as head coach.  I would rather have a young, hungry DC who wants to make his mark on his way to becoming head coach then a failed interim head coach just looking for a paycheck.  The biggest obstacle I see to getting McDermott though is roughly 280 miles to the west should the Vikings be looking for a DC as well.  Childress, being a former Eagles coach, obviously will know and have at least a previous working relationship with McDermott.  Hopefully in this case familiarity will breed contempt and McDermott will opt for Green Bay.

Stay tuned next week when I start the “Bring Jim Leonard Home” Bandwagon.


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