Here are a few random thoughts on why the Packers didn’t make the playoffs.

Favre didn’t give inside information to all opponents

Hawk, when calling defensive signals, was distracted by voices in helmet

TT thought unused salary cap money would end up as part of his retirement package

Mike Stock thought he retired before the ’08 season started

Some defensive players thought it was flag football

TT thought higher draft pick would make it easier to trade down in ’09 draft

Bob Sanders thought games were 3 quarters, not 4 quarters

More comfortable watching playoff games on TV

Didn’t want Favre to have playoff envy

Didn’t want to make Bucks & Brewers look bad by making playoffs two years in a row


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  • Jon

    Mason Crosby also should have loosened up the top button on his jersey…would help his breathing.

  • http://mike Mike


    Here’s one more:
    Realized only too late that Corey Williams was the glue that held the entire defense together.

    (That was sarcasm for the benefit of fans who actually believe that.)