ESPN Radio just reported the USC Safety Taylor Mays is sticking around for his Senior Year.  I find this a little disappointing as I was becoming a little enamored of the idea of the Packers picking him at #9 in this year’s draft.  Everything I have heard and read about him makes me believe he would have been a “difference maker” for the Packers. On the bright side, at least now we don’t have to sit there in April and Mays be available at pick 9 and watch Thompson pick a Guard from Southern Illinois University that has “great upside”.


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  • http://mike Mike

    Do we sound a little bitter?

    Wally’s still hoping they’ll take Greg Olson at Tight End.

  • Jon

    I thought he was a very underrated American Idol winner.

  • http://mike Mike

    We only want guys that were on ‘Dancing With the Stars’.