Hmmmmm…..The Minnesota Vikings have a gaping hole at right tackle. Their head coach and offensive coordinator have heavy UW ties. The assistant offensive line coach of the Vikings is Jim Hueber, former UW offensive line coach. Mark Tauscher plays right tackle, and although awaiting ACL surgery he certainly seems to have a few good years left in him. According to MapQuest, Tauscher’s hometown of Auburndale is only 61 miles farther away from Minneapolis compared to the trip to Green Bay. Gas prices are down, making the fuel cost differential a mute point. Both communities are in the central time zone and both voted for Obama for President. Both states have excellent fish frys, although Wisconsin has superior bratwurst selections.

I’m not saying it is going to happen, I’m simply saying that the Pack re-signing Tauscher at a bargain basement price due to his injury is not going to happen because he will have options.


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  • Gary

    Wiscosin has better Old Fashions.

  • Jon

    Minnesota has a better college baseball team.

  • http://mike Mike

    Well, MN has the advantage of actually HAVING a college baseball team.

    Are you suggesting that the Vikings will overpay for Tauscher like they do for all their players?

  • Jon

    Minnesota also has a better dome.

  • http://mike Mike

    That would be an oxymoron.

    BTW–Plenty of good seats still available for Sunday’s PLAYOFF game against the Eagles. Zigi Wulf will like L.A.