I am sure this is purely conjecture but on today’s SI.com “Truth & Rumors” section they are saying that one of the reasons Bill Cowher didn’t further pursue the Jet’s coaching job because he didn’t want to coach Brett Favre .  Now, as this section of their site says it may just be a rumor but I could also see this as being somewhat truthful.  A year ago I would have poo-poo’d this but not so sure anymore.

Prior to the soap opera this past summer I think all Packer fans still held our (then) beloved QB Brett Favre in our loving embrace, even after an ill-chosen pass ended in an INT and the Packer’s Super Bowl chance.  We all lamented when we heard he was retiring.  We all watched his retirement press conference, perhaps getting a little misty eyed ourselves as we listened to Favre and looked back on his playing days.  Most of us moved on, said thanks for the memories and looked to the future.  Then we started to find out our everyman of the people, the guy you would see out in the woods hunting or wave to while mowing his lawn maybe actually wasn’t that person we built up on our minds.  That the person many looked up to as a hero based on his perceived personality was actually in fact the one thing we didn’t think he was…a prima donna football player.

There has been a lot said about Mangini’s treatment of Favre in meetings, treating him like any other player.  More times than not in the local media here in Green Bay people have defended Favre saying he should get special treatment based on his tenure in the league and what he has done.  Well, if this whole story is true about Cowher and I personally tend to think there is some truth to it, I believe it should be the final portent to Favre to hang them up for good.  While the Packers had their reasons to want to part ways with Favre, the Jets have gone on record saying they want him to stay.  If because of this sentiment they have lost the best head coaching candidate there is the Jets may also start to re-think that and frankly, so should Brett.

Brett Favre was, and always will be, one of my favorite football players but now it’s time to truly retire and ride off into the sunset.  Let some time go by, then have the Packers sign Favre to a one day contract so he can retire as a Packer (as he should of from the start), get that #4 on the ring in Lambeau and start to remove a little of that tarnish that is starting to dim the shine of his career more and more.


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  • http://mike Mike

    As I wrote to Chris, I think Brett needs to have the shoulder surgery and come back for his 19th season at 40 years old; he hasn’t quite destroyed what is left of his legacy.

  • Gary B

    Not only did he ruin this season for the Jets…he will ruin next & future seasons by chasing Cowher and other head coaches worth anything away.

    They’ll end up with another first year head coach and be no better off than they were this season.