As we approach the end of 2008, it’s a time for reflection of the past year.  As this is a sports oriented blog I present my Top 10 Sports Related Moments of 2008, in no particular order:

Going to the NFC Divisional Playoff Game – Snow and a win.  Still couldn’t believe what happened during that game…from the weather to the play on the field, was simply an awesome time and some of the most fun I have ever had at a Packer game ever.  Locking my keys in the truck while it was running afterwards wasn’t that great but man was that thing warm once we got in it.

Going to the NFC Championship Playoff Game – Cold and a loss.  Ugh, from elation to despair to elation to despair with the final despair made only worst for standing in the below 0 weather for 3+ hours.  At least I can say I went to a NFC Championship game and also saw Brett Favre’s last game in Lambeau…I hope.

Seeing the Brewers advance to the playoffs for the first time in 26 years – I don’t know what was more cool, watching that last game or watching after the game to see if the Mets would lose and shots from in the club house.

Friday before the inaugural Fantasy Baseball League Draft – Was the second day of the NCAA tourney so took it off to watch the games. Dad and Brother-in-Law Gary came down early as well, just a fun time.

Annual Pingel NFL Draft Party – The usually gathering I hold every year of friends and family to watch the NFL draft.  One of my favorite weekends of the year.

Winning our family and friends Fantasy Football League – technically this happened in 2007 but it was towards the end of the year so it’s close enough…and like all Fantasy Football champs even if you’re not the current reigning champ you can still gloat that you once were… and lord it over all the other league members that haven’t won yet.

Davidson beats Wisconsin in the NCAA Tourney – I remember this not necessarily fondly for the result of that game or the reason for being together – but it was the first time in a long time that the entire family was together from my mother’s side.  While the events of the following Saturday wasn’t fun, a memorial service for our Aunt Mae, the night before was spent in camaraderie and remembrance with family and more likely than not, exactly what Mae would have wanted.

Michael Phelps and the 100m Butterfly – Seriously, we all thought he lost. I remember Mom & Dad were in town that night and we were all watching it together, none of us could believe it.  I see that picture today taken from below of Phelps and Cavic at the wall and I still get a bit excited.

Aaron Rodgers Debut – First game of the 2008 season, first game of the Rodgers Era and a Monday Night Game to boot.  A victory over the Vikings and a solid performance by our new QB and a big sigh of relief all over Wisconsin….if only the remainder of the season had stayed so nice.

The First Annual Wilbur Pingel Memorial Golf Outing – Previously known as…bunch of relatives getting together to drink beer and golf, but now with a higher purpose.  Also the first time I have ever beaten my Uncle Mike on the links!

So there’s my list, what’s yours?



  • http://mike Mike

    I could’ve done without that last one. Man, I suck!

  • Jon

    A few others…in no particular order:

    Tom Crean leaving for Indiana. Good luck…you’re going to need it.

    Went to Twins-Brewers game…Russell Branyan hit 9th inning 2-out homer to send game into extra innings. Twins won the game in 12. The loudest I have ever heard a baseball stadium.

    Youth sports…lots of them. Dayne plays basketball, football, baseball, and has picked up golf. Generally a positive experience, although observed smattering of parental issues. Helps me do something remotely athletic in the backyard…threw over 200 innings for fourth consecutive year.

    Hung on for Fantasy Baseball League title. Tried my best to blow it over final month but couldn’t.

    Bought a Wii. Hey, it’s hard work, especially tennis!

    Indoor Ice Fishing Contest. Caught lots of big ones that day!

  • Chris

    Hey — I was at the MN v. MKE game, too! Great night (despite the outcome).

    Looking ahead to 2009, one of my goals is to secure an coveted invitation to the Wilbur Pingel Memorial. Not sure if I could make it up, but if it involves hoisting a cold one (in my case, a cold Diet Pepsi) in Wilbur’s memory, I would do everything I could to fit it into my schedule. Especially if it involves golf with Mike and the Boys from Pingel.

  • Wally

    Mike & I were at the Twins/Brewers game too…more than half the Pocket Doppler staff in attendance. And how could I have forgotten the Indoor Ice Fishing contest…even though our biggest fish may have been considered poaching.