Today on the Packers pregame show on the Packers Radio Network a popular misconception about the roster inherited by Packers GM Ted Thompson was aired. One of the panelists in the 10am segment noted the “disaster” TT had to deal with upon replacing Mike Sherman as GM.

I just wanted to point out that the roster Thompson inherited was 10-6 and won the NFC North in 2004.  Sure, there were challenges to face:  Cap issues that resulted in TT shedding Ryan Longwell, Marco Rivera, Mike Wahle and Darren Sharper. But not all of those moves were inevitable, and even if one believes they were, it was Ted’s job to find a workable solution–the answers he found ended up in a 4-12 season. In any case, nearly every NFL roster is in something of a “crisis” each off-season with tough decisions to make about players based on performance or contract status. 

For the record, I like what Thompson has done with the team. I like the youth he has injected into the roster; I think he handled the Favre mess as well as he could have; he has made some nice picks in the draft; his team nearly missed reaching the Super Bowl last season.  But let’s stay in our shoes, members of the media: Ted Thompson inherited a playoff team, not a disaster.


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