This is, frankly, a bit ridiculous.  I held my tongue when the Yankees out bid everyone for Sabathia and then signed Burnett on top of that.  Then heard a lot of “moral outrage” from radio personalities saying this was slap in the face to most of America while many Americans are struggling to get by, are being laid off or losing their homes.  Didn’t think much of it but had to sort of agree and understand what they were saying.  Then when the Yankees were trying to work a trade for Mike Cameron and actually had the temerity to try to get the Brewers to cover some of his $10M salary I was like…you have to be kidding me.  On top of that asking NYC for more money to help with their new stadium as well.

Flash forward to today as many are reporting that the Yankees are close to a deal have a deal with Mark Teixeira for $180M, 8 year deal and just have to say… I just became the biggest Yankee hater outside of the greater Boston area around.  It only illustrates the inherent flaws in the Major League Baseball system in that one team can pretty much scoop every and any player they want to.  My only intense dislike for any major sporting team bordering on hate was reserved for the Minnesota Vikings.  Well, the Vikings just got company and may have even been surpassed but for very different reasons.


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  • Jon

    Once again, all the good players are migrating to the AL making the 2009 All Consonants Fantasy are crapshoot. Maybe I will load up on Brewers.

  • http://mike Mike

    No truth to the rumor that next year’s Yankee uniforms will be modeled after the Imperial Storm Troopers in Star Wars (though those would make pretty cool batting ‘helmets’). I don’t blame the Yankees so much as the system. The Yankees are just taking full advantage of their revenue stream. Of course, if I were a NYC taxpayer, I wold certainly balk at providing public assistance for a franchise that clearly doesn’t need any. Having said that, I will be honoring long time tradition in continuing to root against them.

    Unfortunately, with NFL owners opting out of the current collective bargaining agreement, I’m afraid that pro football may be heading down the same path as baseball, which would put franchises such as the Packers at a decided disadvantage.