It is getting to the point where I expect to see Rod Serling pop out from behind the goal post — clad in his black suit, skinny black tie, a heater burning in his hand — and look into the camera and explain that things aren’t the way they appear to be for the Green Bay Packers because they have stepped into…The Twilight Zone.

I mean, this is getting truly absurd.  Seven times this season the Packers have lost by four points or less.  They should contact the Patent Office because they have refined and perfected the art of the late loss.  So, given all of the experience Packers fans have had this season, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the most recent heartbreaker, a 20-17 loss to the Chicago Bears…in Overtime, no less.  Like most of the other late losses, GB controlled the game, had more yards, dominated time of possession, and wasn’t beaten in the turnover battle.  But also like most of the other late losses, they found a way to lose and came up small at the worst possible time.

So, whose head should be hoisted on a pike for this?  No doubt the hacks will note again that Aaron Rodgers still has yet to lead his team…blah, blah, blah.  For the record, as he did in Minnesota earlier this year, Rodgers got his team into position for a winning field goal, this time a makeable, 38-yarder with a favorable wind.  But Mason Crosby’s kick was low, blocked and, well, pathetic; it was a nice bookend to the earlier FG that he pulled horrendously left.

GB lost the OT coin toss after it bouned off Brian Urlacher’s dome, and the defense displayed its special bend-before-breaking scheme, setting up Robbie Gould to send the Packers off to figure out a way to avoid the ultimate humiliation of losing to the heretofore winless Detroit Lions.

It would seem the Packers are simply snakebitten.  GB just can get out of its own way.  If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.


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  • Chuck Pisula

    Chris, What an unbelievable season. It’s like they are the ‘ol Cardiac Pack in reverse. I feel bad for AR. Like you said, all the hacks will lay it on him. Once again though, he either had his team in position to win, or had them ahead, and special teams/D failed in the waning minutes.

    Going into the season, I would have never thought that D was going to be the weak link. Also, I thought special teams was pretty darn good last season. What happened to these areas. Its hard to believe, but OL is not tops on my priority heading into the off season.

  • http://mike Mike

    Chris, thanks for saving me the trouble of writing about this. I see it as a combination of some bad luck combined with the Packers own shortcomings. For 3 1/2 quarters the Packer defense stayed in their gaps and held the Bears in check. But as soon as I saw that punt bounce off Jarrett Bush’s leg, I knew the Pack was in trouble. The sad part is, I can’t even blame Bush (one of my favorite ‘whipping boys’) for that play (unlike the other return where he got dragged for 10 yds.); Bush was locked up with the ‘gunner’ and had no chance to get out of the way. Once the Bears realized they could get the TE open across the middle and they could get Forte outside, the Packer defense was exposed. It might also be time to take a closer look at Mason Crosby’s ability to hit FGs in the clutch. For all his leg strength, he seems to come up short (or wide, as the case may be) at the most inopportune times.