Well, I had mentioned somewhere earlier that I had a certain level of trust in Melvin to bring in an impact free agent here in the Hot Stove League.  It would appear that perhaps that faith was misplaced.  Is Melvin following the lead of Packers GM Ted Thompson and choosing to trust in his farm system and current roster to fill the needs?  I still thing the Brewers most pressing need is some additional quality starting pitching and I am starting to think that may not just happen.  There are still some names out there that couldn’t hurt, Derek Lowe being the biggest one remaining but gosh…you sure aren’t hearing anything about the Brewers pursuing anyone which is a bit disconcerting.  I did hear a rumor about interest in Randy Johnson and while that would be sort of cool to have the Big Unit in a Brewers uniform I just don’t see that as being the solution to the need.

Beyond Gallardo, Parra and Bush the starting rotation is pretty thin.  I made some fun about the Capuano signing but are they really pinning hopes on him to get back to form? One option that could be available, and I started saying and thinking this last season late in the year, is to start putting feelers out to AL teams and see what the interest is in Prince Fielder in return for starting pitching.  I mean, c’mon, let’s face it.  Fielder is destined to be a DH in the AL so may as well do this now while his value is higher and before he gets any larger…seriously, the guy becomes a vegetarian and puts on weight?  You can bring up Gamel to take the spot and also fulfill a more pressing need.


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  • Mike

    I have long advocated trading Fielder for a front line pitcher. He will always be a liability in the field and he seems to be regressing as a hitter, looking more and more like the all or nothing hitter his father was. Having said that, I’m not yet ready to anoint Matt Gamel as the successor at first base. He has defensive deficiencies of his own and at this point has had only one breakout season in the minors. But I believe the Brewers could get by this year with Brad Nelson at first while Gamel gets some much needed seasoning. Whatever they lose on offense, they would probably gain in the field. Given the acute need for starting pitchers with the departure of Sabathia and Sheets, it’s high time for Melvin to actively start shopping the Prince.

  • Jon

    I think you keep Fielder for another year max. Trade Bill Hall to Minnesota or Cleveland (both need 3rd basemen) for relief pitching. Hall for MN righty Matt Guerrier makes sense for both teams.