10 -  No one got frost bitten

9 -  McCarthy won a challenge

8 -  Gave Favre lovers/Thompson haters fodder for the remainder of the season

7 -  The Roar

6 - Helped move team towards top 10 draft pick

5 -  Time Warner Cable WLUK lost transmission in 4th quarter , sparing many fans in Green Bay from seeing another defensive collapse

4 - Saved by Zero Toyota Commercial didn’t air at all

3 - Allows Packer fans to enjoy the playoffs without the anxiety of having a vested interest in any one team (unless number 8 applies to you….J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets)

2 - Wasn’t a home game because sitting in the rain and cold watching that would have been 10x worse than watching it on TV

1 -  Charrisa Thompson was the sideline reporter


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  • http://crichar3.blogspot.com/ crichar3

    Glad to know I’m not the only guy sickened by the damn Toyota commercial.

    And, Wally, M3 won TWO (count ‘em — 2) challenges. Totally awesome!