Each year, about the time of the Wisconsin-Marquette tilt, discussion begins anew about having a Wisconsin college basketball tournament made up of UWM, UWGB, the Badgers and Marquette. Due to existing game contracts, the necessity for revenue from home basketball dates, and the fact that UWM and UWGB are in the same league, the tournament will almost certainly never happen.

OK then…what could be done to promote college hoops in Wisconsin? Following is a suggestion:

Wisconsin has contracts with all three of the in-state schools, while Marquette plays UW and UWM. How about UW hosting UWGB and MU hosting UWM on the same day…one game in the afternoon and one in the evening. Hoops diehards could make both games. Televise the games in-state. Involve the WI high school basketball coaches association in the game promotion. College hoops in Wisconsin is under-hyped and has tremendous room for growth…by creating a college basketball “event” all four programs can benefit.


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